Nov 27th 2021: Still in quarantine and having Wi-fi issues.

We are in a city named NANSHAN, which is very close to Hong Kong. Our hotel is very nice, nicer than the last one but smaller. We are in this hotel room for quarantine as the city we are checking in to requires people to be in China for 21 days before you can go there. I’m super bored and have no energy to do anything, but we have been watching some movies and shows. To use the Wi-fi you have to have a Chinese phone number, which we don’t but the school we are going to has helped us and I can use it on my computer only. The internet has been going out a lot and it seems hard to connect to. So haven’t been able to post, and my phone just stops working sometimes.

We get out on Tuesday, we think and I can’t wait, I have already located an Indian food restaurant as I have been craving that since we arrived! I try to eat as much food as I can, but the meat has been spicy and I can’t eat that!

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