Day 2: Dec 1, 2021 To the Bank, then Shopping!!

We ate breakfast in the hotel today. Our walk to school is about a mile and takes us 10-15 minutes. After Jason’s class, Iris took us to the bank to open an account so we can be paid and so we can pay for things. In China they use their smart phone to pay for everything. It a bit like Apple or Goggle pay but is built into the texting service called WeChat. Cash and physical cards are rarely used. You need a Chinese phone number to get a bank account.

If you look in the top right of the map, you can see…WALMART!!!!

I wouldn’t normally take pictures in Walmart but a worker insisted we pose for a picture. Then she took a picture with her own phone, then a few others took some. They are not used to seeing Westerners, although this area does some international business.

Some interesting flavors of potato chips including Italian Red Meat and Mexican Chicken Tomato!

Of course it is full of Chinese products, but there are some we recognized. Some Fire hot Cheetos and Snickers!

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